4 Questions To Ask at the End of an Interview

While I was looking for my first job after college I had A LOT of interviews.  I had so many interviews I don’t even remember what jobs I was interviewing for.  This basically proves that I was AWESOME at writing my resume and TERRIBLE at landing the job.  I attribute this fact to one main thing… I NEVER asked any questions.

You heard that right. Zip, zero, zilch.  When the end of an interview rolled around and the interviewer offered their time to answer my questions—I had none.  For some outrageous reason, I thought that asking questions made me look weak.  I thought that if I didn’t ask questions I would prove I knew it all and that I could handle the job.

I now realize how ridiculously arrogant that sounds, AND what a big mistake it was.  The truth is, you NEED to ask questions at the end of an interview. Here’s why.

Questions help the interviewer see that you are interested in the job, that you have done your research, and that you have critical thinking skills. Asking questions at the end of the interview is also a great way to leave a lasting impression.

Now, without further ado—-here are my recommended questions to ask at the end of an interview…


Why do you enjoy working here?

Asking your interviewer why they enjoy working at the company is a great way to put a spin on the interview. Hopefully, it will also give you some insight on additional perks the company may offer, or a glimpse at the company culture.

What is a typical day like in this position?

Truth be told, most job descriptions are pretty generic.  They list the basic requirements, but not the nitty-gritty.  Asking about daily tasks allows you an opportunity to find out if you the job might not be everything it seems.  It also allows you a chance to boast about additional skills that you may have related to daily tasks brought up by the potential employer.

Is there room for growth within the company/position?

You gotta have goals.  Asking about growth within the company shows that you have big ambitions, but you are not opposed to sticking around.  Employers like to know what your long-term plans are, but don’t always come out and ask. Therefore, if you ask about company growth and the long-term, they will receive a subliminal green light on hiring you.

Are there any qualities that you want the person taking this position to have that you don’t see in me?

Mic drop. This is a GREAT question on which to end the interview.  Asking about ay missing qualities forces the interviewer to reflect back on your conversation creating a stronger picture of you in their mind.  PLUS, if there are any qualities they are looking for that you haven’t talked about yet, you get a chance to bring them up.


This list certainly isn’t all-encompassing, and of course, you can expand upon or modify these questions in your own way.  If you use any of these questions in an upcoming interview, leave me a comment. I would love to know how it goes!

Good luck!

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